Model Range

Q-SPD can offer a solution to suit almost any “medium and high speed” power boat application from a unique and ever increasing range of  models.

QSD 1 Series

Q-SPD All New QSD1 Series Surface Drives

The all new QSD1 series is a fully integrated propulsion solution that requires the least maintenance and less often than any other propulsion plus offers superior performance at all speeds. Manufactured from marine friendly materials it is very light weight and very strong, enabling a wide range of power for recreational and commercial applications.
The QSD1 series is offered to suit engine power from 200hp and up to 900hp for single, twin and multiple drive configurations.

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SD Series

Q-SPD Original SD series Surface Drives

The Q-SPD SD Series is the most popular of all Q-SPD drive models. It began life as the ideal alternative to stern drives offering a virtually maintenance free solution to the worlds most maintained propulsion system, stern legs. The SD Series is available for power options from 300hp to 2000hp*.

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MY Series

Q-SPD MY Series Surface Drives

Q-SPD’s MY series has been specifically developed for integrating into fast motor yacht designs. Q-SPD drives behave like conventional propulsion in all respects with the added Q-SPD Advantage of superior handling and performance. This offers the motor yacht designer and builder a definite edge over their competition to out-perform and out-manoeuvre without compromise.

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Custom Solutions for Special Applications

For special applications where a standard drive configuration above does not quite fit, Q-SPD are able to customise a solution to suit.  This might be for peed high speed applications or for very high stress or high usage applications such as military pursuit, or for low speed work boats that need even higher torque and thrust to carry heavy loads. Talk to Q-SPD about your needs and we will be able to help with the ultimate solution.

Request an Application Analysis from Q-SPD

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