Q-SPD Launched - Royal Denship 82 Sport

Q-SPD Launched – Royal Denship 82 Sport

25m Royal Denship powered by 2000hp MTUs and Q-SPD MY400 Drives


Royal Denship and designer, Bill Dixon, chose Q-SPD surface drives for their compact and lightweight installation compared to other surface drive solutions. Q-SPD modular design means waterline length is not compromised and excessively long baording platforms are not needed.

Performance at all speeds is fantastic. Maneuverability and steering is exceptional. The ride is quiet and smooth.
Maintenance is as low as it gets.

Q-SPD supplied 4 such Surface Drive solutions for the to Royal Denship 82 – ranging in power from twin 1800hp to twin 2400hp.


Builder: Tuco Yacths – Denmark
Length: 25m (82ft)
Displacement: 60,000 kg
Power: Twin MTU V16 2000 – 2000hp
Drive: Q-SPD MY400
Propeller: 42”  5 blade
Top Speed: 45 Knots at 54,000kg
Royal Denship 82

Q-SPD MY400 Drive system on Royal Deanship 82

I have been more than pleasantly surprised on the performance of the Q-SPD system. The only previously considered system for a boat this size has been Arneson, and we all know the problems associated with these drives. With Q-SPD drives we are very impressed with the manoeuvrability astern with predictable stern kick etc, and our boat at low speed turns as effectively as a conventional drive and rudder system. The drives are fixed and the lack of having to adjust the trim as the boat gets on the plane is just something less to worry about. With fast hole-shot times, even when fully laden at 65 tonnes, trim is never needed and this system still produces surprising agility. In high speed cornering we are not scrubbing speed to excess and quickly pick up to full rpm and full speed, in our case 45kts at 2400rpm. Using MTU V16 2000hp engines we have been very impressed with this system.

Barry Rogers - Skipper

Royal Denship 82 - 2