Q-SPD Launched - SIR RAMCO

Q-SPD Launched – SIR RAMCO

35ft Aluminium Monohull with single Q-SPD SD201 Drive


Described as the Quintesential 35’ Aluminium Kiwi Family Weekend pleasure boat by its owner, the RAMCO 35 was designed with the average recreational fisherman in mind.  To achieve the performance from what would be a relatively heavy vessel for its size, and to ensure minimal usable space was taken up with drive lines, Q-SPD was selected as the robust low maintenance choice for the power and mission.  The Yanmar 6LYA-STP 370hp engine runs through ZF85A gearbox at 2.5:1 reduction and is close coupled via CV drive shaft to the Q-SPD SD200 Surface Drive.


Builder: Ramco Boats, Hamilton, NZ
Length: 10.8m (35ft)
Displacement: 7,500kg (16,535lb)
Power: Single Yanmar 6LYA-STP 370hp
Drive: Q-SPD SD200
Propeller: 27”  5 blade
Cruise Speed: 22 Knots
Top Speed: 27 Knots


“Having built alloy boats in the past and taking into account the build to survey construction requirements and layout, i.e. tee sections, bulkheads, keel bars, plate specifications, etc. I knew full well that the Ramco 3500 would not only be very strong but would be heavy for it’s dimensions. This led to careful consideration with my choice of power and drive systems for this particular project. Engine power was provided by the 6LY 370hp turbo Yanmar via a Q-SPD SD200 surface drive. This has proven to be an excellent combination. Many people have commented on the exceptional smoothness of the drive, spinning a 27” dia. 5-blade prop gives a comfortable cruising speed of 22 knots with top speed at 27 knots. Just as importantly, the boat is able to maintain comfortable planing speeds with full payload and in a variety of sea conditions. Maneuverability is also impressive and with the aid of the bow thruster, the boat can turn on it’s own axis both forward and astern with predictable stern kick. Maintenance of the Q-SPD SD200 is about as low as it gets and by comparison equal to what you would expect with a conventional drive shaft rudder configuration. To top it off, along with an exceptional propulsion product, Q-SPD shine in their ability to offer and provide after-sales service and backup.”

Brian Tournier - Owner