CMN-DV15 Interceptor


Length: 15 meters
Weight: 9.5T
Power: 2 x C12 705hp
Drives: 2 x QSD130
Propellers: 25” 5bld
Top Speed: 54 knots









Q-Marine delivered twin Q-SPD Surface Drives for x 3 CMN-DV15 Interceptor patrol vessels built in Abu Dhabi. The DV15 Interceptors are high performance craft manufactured from advanced composite materials. Powered by twin Caterpillar C12 705-HP engines for a top speed of 52-56 knots (depending on version and payload). The DV15 has become a popular model for governments around the world as high-speed patrol vessels used for sea policing and maritime security. They are based on deep vee planning hull with hard chines.

Q-SPD’s customer wanted a reliable solution which needed to be user-friendly, with easy access to inboard componentry when routine maintenance was required.

Q-SPD Surface Drives are the only fixed drives able to deliver performance across the range as well as being extremely low maintenance and easy to use. The main drive body is e-glass and carbon-fibre composite moulded in one piece making it extremely light weight.


  • Surface Drives
  • Propellers
  • Full power steering solution
  • Drive shafts
  • Complete exhaust systems including custom risers & mixers (designed in house)

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