What is Q-SPD?

What is Q-SPD?

Q-SPD is a unique type of surface drive system that defy’s many of the common idiosyncrasies of traditional surface drives and brings some modern thinking and technologies into the design and application. The main body is an all composite monocoque component molded in one piece to create a super strong and accurate main structure to the drive solution. The result is a compact solution compared to others which is lighter, fully integrated and electrolysis resistant. Long life components such as bearings and bushings are used throughout to minimise service and maintenance needs. All this and still match performance expectations and with the ability to apply to a more diverse range of applications, including many lower speed vessels even in the 20 to 30 knot range where other SD’s have not figured out how yet. At 30 knot we consistently see around 15% better performance over conventional and the faster you go the higher the gains, as is expected.

“It was my objective when designing Q-SPD to create a system that was more versatile for use on a wider range of vessels, BUT it had to be friendly. No trim to hamper operation and easy operation for boat and operator. All critical parts had to be inboard. All outboard parts water lubricated in long life bushings. We don’t want maintenance and indeed that is part of our experience and success. Much like you would expect from any good conventional drive line, except it is by no means, conventional.”

There are some 300 Q-SPD units worldwide now, from 30ft, 240hp single screw boats right up to to 82ft superyachts with 4800 total hp. For work and pleasure, high and low speed.
The current Q-SPD range starts at the QSD1 series which is capable of handling up to 1100hp of diesel power per drive in a twin-screw vessel of up to around 12,000kg. Whilst the QSD1 series is an ideal alternative to stern drives, offering better high-speed performance with much longer service life and virtually no maintenance year on year, the QSD1 is targeted beyond the stern drive market, for serious applications where demands for reliability and performance are paramount.
Discerning operators appreciate the difference hence Q-SPD is being chosen as the preferred propulsion for more and more work and commercial duty vessels where all these features matter, offering big savings in running costs and less down time.

The Q-SPD range then grows through the QSD2, 3 and 4 series to offer solutions for the widest range of applications up to and beyond 3000hp. We also have the capability to work on special projects with customised configurations where perhaps a standard version is not quite suited.

More information and technical details can be found at www.q-spd.com, or email me at leigh@q-spd.com.Share FacebooklinkedinFacebooklinkedin