AGENOR 18 - Launched 2021

18 meters – 22 tonnes – 2400hp – 52 knots

Agenor is an 18-meter high-performance SOC that displaces 22.5 tonnes at full load and can carry more than 4.5 tonnes of payload. It is powered by two 1,200 hp MAN V8’s and Q-SPD QSD236 surface drives that enable cruising at 38knot and a sprint speed of 52.5 knots. It can reach this top speed in 35 seconds and it can operate out to a maximum range of up to 350nm in Sea State 4.

This special operations craft of the Hellenic Navy’s Underwater Demolition Command (UDC) is a product of Phi-Mechaniseas, a company formed by Greek shipbuilders, engineers and naval system manufacturers led by Panagiotis Alourdas, Commodore HN (rtd), Nautical Architect and Mechanical Engineer. The Hellenic Shipyards SA (Skaramaga Shipyards) built the boat in close collaboration with the Navy and the design team. Agenor launched on July 30, 2021 and entered service in May 2022.