Ocean Adventure - Launched Apr 2019

Vessel Specifications

Length: 12 meters
Weight: 10.5T
Power: 2 x D11 600hp
Drives: 2 x QSD125
Propellers: 26” 5bld
Top Speed: 50 knots

This Foil-assisted power cat has been designed and built with vee shaped foils which span between both hulls allowing it to remain fixed and help provide stable planing while at speed which also helps reduce drag. Powered with twin Volvo Penta D11 600-HP inboard engines, and Q-SPD Propulsion systems, the vessel reaches speeds in excess of 50 knots and cruises at 40 knots whilst weighing 10.5T with 34 passengers and 2 crew on board. The result is a significantly increased performance and fuel economy which is well suited to everyday operation. The Q-SPD Surface Drives add other benefits with twin rudders which work as propeller protection, and are ideal for animal encounters as they have minimal underwater noise and no vibration compared to conventional drive systems. The ride is remarkably comfortable thanks to the custom, shock absorbing padded seats, however if your worried about messing your hair up, this might not be the experience for you.


  • Surface Drive Solution
  • Steering system
  • Exhaust system
  • Foils