I have been more than pleasantly surprised on the the performance of the Q-SPD system. The only previously available system for a boat this size have been Arnesons, and we all know the problems associated with these drives. With Q-SPD drives we are very impressed with the maneuverability astern with predictable stern kick etc. The drives are fixed and the lack of having to adjust the trim as the boat gets on the plane is just something less to worry about. With fast holeshot times, even when fully laden at 65tonnes, trim is never needed and this system still produces surprising agility. With high speed cornering we were not scrubbing speed to excess and quickly pick up to full rpm and full speed, in our case 45kts at 2400rpm. Using MTU V16 2000hp we have been very impressed with this system.

Barry Rogers, Chief Project Engineer, Royal Denship 82
“Having built alloy boats in the past and taking into account the build to survey construction requirements and layout, i.e. tee sections, bulkheads, keel bars, plate specifications, etc. I knew full well that the Ramco 3500 would not only be very strong but would be heavy for it’s dimensions. This led to careful consideration with my choice of power and drive systems for this particular project. Engine power was provided by the 6LY 370hp turbo Yanmar via a Q-SPD SD150 surface drive. This has proven to be an excellent combination. Many people have commented on the exceptional smoothness of the drive, spinning a 27” dia. 4-blade prop gives a comfortable cruising speed of 22knots with top speed at 27knots. Just as importantly, the boat is able to maintain comfortable planing speeds with full payload and in a variety of sea conditions. Manoeuvrability is also impressive and with the aid of the bow thruster, the boat can turn on it’s own axis both forward and astern with predictable stern kick. Maintenance of the Q-SPD SD150 is about as low as it gets and by comparison equal to what you would expect with a conventional drive shaft rudder configuration. To top it off, along with an exceptional propulsion product, Q-SPD shine in their ability to offer and provide after-sales service and backup. In the case of the initial commissioning and sea-trials of the Ramco 3500, Q-SPD did not falter in the fine tuning of rudders and propeller to maximise efficiencies and performance of the boat. Taking this into account, I would not hesitate to use the Q-SPD product in either a single or twin configuration in future build projects.”

Brian Tournier : Owner - Sir Ramco
It is hard to believe that by adding 2.85 meters of length, 14 tonnes of weight and changing the propulsion units from jet units to Q-SPD surface drives, that you can gain 10kts of speed, improve the trim, handling and fuel efficiency. But the “Rakiura Explorer” is working proof that it can be done. When I first inspected this catamaran, she was 16.5m long and instantly you could see there was a problem. Working with the designer and boat builder, we came up with the concept of lengthening the vessel and changing the propulsion to Q- SPD surface drives. Changes that have proven to be a great success, improving the vessels over all performance by 200%! The vessel is now faster, more fuel efficient and can be manoeuvred in around rocks and wharves with ease. The Q-SPD propulsion units are smooth running with no cavitations and no vibration. The vessel has very positive steering at high speed and excellent transverse thrust for manoeuvring into those ‘tight spots’. All in all we are very impressed with the Q-SPD surface drive units, as the boat’s over all performance is now exceptional!”

Jason Wells : Boat Operations Manager - Rakiura Explorer