Reliability and Longevity

Bringing Reliability and Longevity to Propulsion Solutions

Q-SPD Surface Drives have been around since 2001 and have been developed and refined over the years to become the reliable and user-friendly product it is today. Q-SPD is a unique type of surface drive system that defy’s some of the common idiosyncrasies of traditional surface drives and brings some modern thinking and technologies into the design and application.

We have many Q-SPD Propulsion Systems operating on vessels that are being used up to 365 days a year without fault. “It was my objective when designing Q-SPD to create a solution that was more versatile on a wider range of vessels, BUT also had to be reliable and user-friendly. No trim to hamper operation and easy operation for boat and operator. All critical parts had to be inboard. All outboard parts use water lubricated long life bushings, giving peace of mind to owners and operators, “ says Leigh Michau, Creator and Managing Director of Q-SPD.

Despite Q-SPD’s simple and clean appearance the innovative design puts all vulnerable components inboard away from the elements. With less moving parts there is naturally less to go wrong, guaranteeing reliability and longevity. When we don’t hear from our customers, we know it’s a good thing.

All this and still match performance expectations but with the ability to apply to a more diverse range of applications, including low, medium and high speed vessels.
Q-SPD is an investment in your boats future – Less time on hard stands, more time on the water.