Q-SPD’s Solution Based Approach

Q-SPD is always a propulsion solution. The Q-SPD drive and propeller package is just part of a wider solution that includes steering, intermediate shafts and exhaust system options.

Most applications consist of twin drives, though Q-SPD can be configured as a single drive or multiple drives (3,4…). We work with the customer to assist specification and design, and often supply fully optioned solutions.

A Q-SPD propulsion package starts with:

  • 2 x Q-SPD surface drive units
  • 2 x Q-SPD surface piercing propellers – counter-rotating custom designed for the application
  • Intermediate drive shaft – constant velocity or cardan shaft to suit – connects drive to gearbox
  • Power hydraulic steering system
  • Drive and exhaust adapter flanges

Add options to the Q-SPD package for a complete bespoke solution:

  • Complete exhaust system design and build
    – risers, mixers, valves, pipes, hoses and mufflers
  • Advanced and multi-station steering solutions
    – including fly-by-wire and joystick and docking solutions.

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Q-SPD Model Range

The Q-SPD model range consists of 4 base model series: QSD1, QSD2 QSD3 and QSD4. Each series is based on a standard main unit size, with different sub ratings to cover a wide range of vessel size and power options.

We have a number of resources here to help you learn more:

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